Registration fee
The country of the participant
Other countries
Full registration fee
700 UAH
50 €
Distant participation
500 UAH
30 €
Online participation*
500 UAH
30 €

*Due to the epidemiological situation in Ukraine, the conference can be held online - by video conference. Possible changes to the conference will be announced later.

The full registration fee is paid by every participant of the conference (both the first author and co-authors who plan face-to-face participation in the conference).

Registration fee covers:

  • publishing the book of papers;
  • assignment of DOI;
  • publishing the conference program;
  • set of handouts;
  • organizational expenses;
  • communication services;
  • coffee breaks.

The registration fee does not cover the cost of:

  • transportation fees;
  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • cultural events;
  • banquet.

In case of distant participation only one registration fee is paid (regardless of the number of co-authors). Thus, one registered participant receives only one copy of book of papers.

The registration fee of distant participants covers the cost of publishing the book of papers, assignment of DOI, publishing the conference program, organizational expenses. Postage of conference materials is at the expense of the addressee.

Registration fee is not divided into parts. The issue of cost sheets, document extracts etc. is not provided. In case the participant does not use any of the services offered or uses it partially, no compensation is provided. If the participant arrives late or does not come at all, the registration fee is not refundable.

The registration fee is paid after the author receives the information on abstract being included into conference program (the second call for papers). The information on registration fee transfer (cheque account and other requisites) will be provided in the second call for papers.

The registration fee payment is a necessary requirement for the abstracts to be included in the book of papers. Deadline for registration fee payment is by June 1, 2021.